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Windows 11 isn’t just Windows 10 with a new collection of wallpapers. Thankfully, many other tweaks and improvements make an upgrade to the latest OS seem enticing.

That said, the new Microsoft Windows 11 Pro- OS’s wallpapers are, indeed, beautiful!

1. Beautiful Glass

Windows 11’s new desktop aesthetics try to mimic the look of glass. As a result, there’s a lot of transparency on many desktop elements, from windows to menus.

This transparency goes hand-in-hand with related effects like a background blur, drop shadows, and rounded corners. All GPU-accelerated for a buttery-smooth user experience. It should both be more elegant and snappier than Windows 10.

2. Bar to Dock

Like Mac OS and many Linux Desktop Environments, Microsoft Windows 11 Pro- taskbar can turn into a dock. The icons on it can be centered, which helps when using Windows 11 on a touch-enabled device.

Fans of the classic taskbar will still be able to align the Start button and app icons to the left.

3. Return of the Widgets

Did you prefer widgets, the little floating informational windows in Windows Vista and 7, to the Live Tiles of Windows 10?

The new widgets in Windows 11 appear in a dedicated pane, which slides in from the left of the screen. They also seem to be more geared towards presenting information instead of working as mini-apps.

4. Easily-Accessible Snap Layouts and Groups

Windows already supported snapping windows to the sides or corners of the screen in rudimentary arrangements.

Now, a new and improved version in Windows 11 brings the feature to everyone, placing it in a quick menu hovering over the maximize button.

5. Android Apps on Windows 11

Up to Windows 10, if you wanted to run an Android app or game, you could either remote control your smartphone or run an emulator. Windows 11 will come with support for Android apps baked-in.

Theoretically, you’ll be able to install almost any Android app or game, click on it, and it will pop up on the screen, almost like native Windows software.

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